Welcome to furnituresense.net, the blog for DIY and upcycling!

Behind all of this I am Lisa, 35, from Arkansas. On my blog, I regularly publish suggestions and step-by-step tutorials for furnishings and other everyday items. It is very important to me to always remain authentic, because the topic of do it yourself and working with a wide variety of materials is not just a trend for me – I have been building things on my own since my childhood and I am interested in the interplay of color, Shape and material. By studying architecture, I developed a special soft spot for materials such as wood or concrete, working with clear geometric shapes and a preference for simple design.

For me, do it yourself means: away from mass-produced goods, towards the individual, self-created. If things are used that are no longer needed elsewhere, do it yourself can also mean upcycling, reuse and saving resources. With my ideas here on furnituresense paper I want to motivate like-minded people to grow beyond their limits and to realize something of their own. I show that this doesn’t have to be that complicated in tutorials with very different levels of difficulty here on my blog. Take a look around and be inspired!

Do you want to know more about me? Then have a look at my interview with Lisa from my fairy dust!