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Chalkpaint fern mug

Chalkpaint fern mug

Color cup finished (2 of 2)

When it comes to designing dishes, I think that a cup or mug is the best choice when looking for a blank that can be embellished with colors, shapes, patterns and lettering. I have already considered some ideas for cups, so take a look at my overview for DIY porcelain cups past. When I discovered chalk paint that is also suitable for porcelain some time ago, I knew immediately: a new cup of DIY is due! Since the chalk color is so matt and feels so special, it can conjure up a wonderful contrast on shiny and smooth surfaces.

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When it comes to porcelain, I am a big friend of delicate structures and I also like floral structures, which, however, must not be outdated. That is why I really wanted to put a leaf on the cup, not a flower. Well, real professionals are of course able to draw wonderful delicate motifs on porcelain, because I can’t say the same about myself and probably also about most other people, a figure is required here that is fairly simple step by step can draw. So it became a fern frond that can be applied to the cup in just three steps with the help of the finest possible brush.

And this is how it works:


You need a solid color Taxes, Chalk color for glass / porcelain in mint green and one brushthat should be as fine as possible. Clean the cup thoroughly so that there are no grease stains or dust on the surface.

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Prepare paint

Stir the chalk paint neatly before you start drawing.

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Fern frond step 1

Start with a long fine line across the cup (at best you can get it a lot finer than I did).

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Fern frond step 2

Then draw further lines starting from the center line, which you let run out at the end. First on one side …

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… then you mirror the lines to the other side. This is how the framework for the fern frond is created.

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Fern frond step 3

Then carefully dab small dots between the frame, making sure that the shape of the individual leaf ribs decreases towards the outside.

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Freeze drawing

Now let the cup dry for 4 days, then put it in the oven again 30 (the exact instructions for baking can be found on the color bottle). When the cup has cooled down, it can be used; according to the color label, it should even be dishwasher-safe. Since I’m not so sure about that, I prefer to wash the cup by hand, it would be a real shame if all the work was for nothing 😉

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I am completely in love with my new piece and now drink my Assam tea from it every morning. What do you think, would you like a cup like that in your kitchen cupboard? If so, then quickly get to the brush!

Color cup finished (1 of 2)

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