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Colorful upcycling: Boho bag

Colorful upcycling: Boho bag

DIY boho clutch DIY boho clutch DIY boho clutch The winter weather still has us under control, which is exactly why I would like to introduce you to an upcycling project today, which brings a little bit of a summer mood to this gloomy January weather with bright colors and festival flair.

As is the case with many women, I have too many handbags, of which I actually only use a few regularly. When I finally discovered a beautiful, colorful, boho-style bag while browsing the Internet, I was able to remember this “too much” bag just in time before I clicked the “Buy” button. “I can do a bit of boho too,” I thought to myself, and I immediately found a simple black bag in the depths of my closet, which, because of some extremely noticeable signs of wear, urgently needed a makeover. The material needed for the beautification project depends entirely on your personal taste. First I went to the creative shop and after some inspiration I decided on a combination of tassels and sequins and a color mix of green, red and champagne.

If you like my variant of the boho look, you will now find out how you can quickly and easily bring an old handbag back to life:

I chose a small envelope bag. The size is ideal because the effort is limited. In addition, a single-color bag is more suitable than a patterned one because it offers a nicer background. As you can see, the bag actually had a strap to hang it around. I settled that at the very end because I like the boho look better than a clutch bag. My bag has a flexible strap that is easy to clip on and off, but sewn-on straps can usually be easily removed with a clean silhouette.

To decorate you need a larger tassel, golden sequins, thread in the color of the sequins and a few pretty colorful ribbons. Since I’m a real fringe fan, I chose ribbons with mini fringes. My sequins are unfortunately only made of plastic, of course your bag will be really great if you use small metal plates instead.

The fringe ribbons are first cut to the appropriate length …

… and then glued on. For this you use textile glue and apply it point by point to the back of your tapes.

Then place on the desired location and press firmly. The textile glue needs something to dry properly before it can be corrected. So make sure that your straps don’t slip when you work on the rest of the bag.

To attach the sequins, I first sewed the thread on the outermost edge of the bag …

… and then thread on the sequins. You can of course stick the sequins directly onto the bag without threading them, but the thread reduces the risk that you will lose the sequins later while using the bag. Fixes the threaded slices additionally with a small dab of textile adhesive. Here, steady fingers are required, because until the glue is dry, the sequins are unfortunately very flexible if you accidentally touch them.

This is how the sequins are designed row by row. At the end of each row you simply fix the thread on the outside of the bag as at the beginning.

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I continued the rows until the bag was closed. Unfortunately I had a little too little of the sequins, otherwise I would probably have stuck the bag to the opening. Since you can hardly see this part of the bag anyway, it was not too tragic for me. Instead…

… the sequin layer ended with a pretty ribbon, so that it is now framed at the top and bottom.


The remaining tassel bands found their place on the flap of the bag. A little difficulty was the uneven fabric (as you can see in picture 1), but even if the bag to be glued has a structure, it can still be decorated, you just have to decide on a “deformation situation”, which you then consistently pasted without smoothing the bag in between or the like. It is best not to touch after the decoration has been applied until the glue has dried completely.

Finally, the big tassel is attached to the side. If your bag does not have a ring or hook on the side, simply sew the tassel on the side of the bag with a few stitches.


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