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Cup upcycling with Decopatch

Cup upcycling with Decopatch


A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to try Décopatch. Décopatch is a technique that works in a similar way to napkin technology and can actually be used to beautify any material. And since I had a couple of cups in my kitchen cupboard that needed some attention, I had an idea in my head. I hate to give away things that can still be made, only with the cups I didn’t really know what I could do with them to somehow permanently cover the advertising imprints. The small package with the papers, glue and varnish came just in time for me.


I was particularly drawn to the paper with many different small muffins, cupcakes etc., because what goes better with cake than a coffee in the right cup?


For the cup upcycling you need: a few old cups, possibly white acrylic paint, brush, decopatch paper, decopatch adhesive and decopatch varnish.

And this is how my cake cup was created:

If your cup, like mine, is printed, you first paint the corresponding areas with some acrylic paint and let it dry well. Then the individual cakes are cut out. In the next step, the pieces are glued on. Before that, however, you should already come up with a rough arrangement or arrange the snippets as they should be on the cup. For gluing, the pieces are first coated on the back with a little Décopatch glue, then placed and finally coated again with the glue.


This works bit by bit until all the little cakes have found their place. Now everything has to dry well, for 30 minutes. And to keep everything beautiful, the Décopatch lacquer is then used. I applied several layers of it, but after each layer I waited an hour with the next so that everything can dry well. Finished!


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In the same way I designed a flowery mug, but not with smaller pieces of paper, but with a large piece of flower paper.

Conclusion: a great thing to embellish things quickly and easily, such as the cups. However, I recommend gluing the paper in small pieces when designing the cup, for example, as with my cake cup, or for large areas as a collage to avoid air pockets.

It’s also a good idea to give away, I think. Don’t forget: Christmas will be in three weeks!

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