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DIY Quickie: Make bookends with Viennese braid yourself

DIY Quickie: Make bookends with Viennese braid yourself

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Do it yourself in a few minutes: With the help of a little braid, simple bookends become chic design accessories on the bookshelf

Stowed more beautifully – with Viennese braid

I am not a friend of New Year’s resolutions, but I feel this urge every year in January – the urge for change! Depending on how the past year went, these change requests vary in size. From “the hair has to go!” about “No more fancy Berlin!” all the way to “I’m starting my own business now!” there was everything possible. This year, however, things were a bit calmer, which does not mean that the change that I wanted to tackle was not of great importance. Because yes, cleaning up and sorting the bookshelf has its right to exist as a serious change – I think. Because the dining table (which, according to my friend, is actually not a dining table, but a desk, since I primarily sit there to work and, due to the permanent occupancy, the food is only possible in the kitchen) is right in front of the shelf I had to look at the chaotic evil every day anew. A wild mix of plants, piles of books, tools and and and and. Now, at the beginning of January, I finally set about unraveling the chaos – and had to realize promptly that books, if they were not kept, would simply tip over. Hello gravity. So far I have been absolutely no friend of bookends. And using piles of books as supports wasn’t an option either.

So while I was perplexed trying to hold the books with any kind of flower pots (and no, I didn’t like that at all visually), my eyes fell on the remains Viennese braidthat I usually keep on top of the shelf. And then I had an idea how I could convince myself of the bookend variant.

DIY bookends make creative paper tutorials for DIY gifts, DIY furniture and DIY decorationsDIY bookends make creative paper tutorials for DIY gifts, DIY furniture and DIY decorations

Instructions Make bookends with Viennese braid yourself


+ simple metal bookends (for example These ones)
+ Viennese braid (e.g. this)
+ Kraft glue
+ Scissors & pencil

And that’s how it works:

The implementation of the bookends with Viennese braid is child’s play. First, mark the necessary lengths on the Viennese mesh with a pencil and then cut it to size using scissors.

As you can see in the video, the braid that I used is a little lighter on one side than on the other. If your braid is a little too yellow for you, you can lighten it a few shades with the help of a little white acrylic paint, which you apply with a brush.

To attach the piece of braid to the white metal bookend, I used power glue. For me it was the only way to permanently stick the braid to the metal, even if I myself try to avoid the use of power adhesives for sustainability reasons. If any of you have a better idea of ​​how to attach the braid as well, please leave me a comment and I’ll include the idea in this guide.

To fix the braid on the bookend while gluing, I simply used several clamps. They are very good help and are used by me in a wide variety of projects. You can find them in your hardware store or online (I linked you in the material list).

If the glue is dry, the clamps are removed and the bookend can be placed on the shelf. Finished!

Tell me, do you like the project?

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