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Holiday souvenir upcycling: DIY stone coasters

Holiday souvenir upcycling: DIY stone coasters

DIY stone coasters

It’s the same with every vacation: we come back with a lot more than we left. Because everything is somehow so beautiful and different from home and therefore has to be taken with you. Whether shells, corals, stones – when you get home, things usually end up in some corner and are quickly forgotten. Unfortunately I am also a candidate who thinks every second stone is beautiful and wants to wrap it up. From my Panama backpacking tour two years ago, a bag of shells is still waiting for further use (yes, I actually carried the bag in my backpack during the tour). Unfortunately, I cannot say what will happen to the shells, as soon as I have a good (not kitschy) idea, I will share it with you. For this, I was thinking about something that can be made from beautiful, flat stones, this time on site, on vacation: a coaster that can be used in many ways. Either very classic for the dining table to put the hot saucepan on, or for the hot espresso maker in the morning, for example. But he also does quite well with the decoration, whether as a flower pot trivet or simply to put together a small arrangement on it.

Instructions for DIY stone coasters

The whole thing is pretty simple, you only need some stones of the same height from your last vacation, some wire mesh, a side cutter and power glue. First you lay out a shape out of the stones, in which there are not too many gaps between the stones. The puzzles can take a little while, because “gapless” doesn’t mean “beautiful shape” at the same time.

Have you found your dream shape, take a picture! Then you brush the stones on the underside and where they have contact with neighboring stones with power glue.

Instructions for DIY stone coasters

Now stick the stones one after the other onto the grid and press each stone firmly for a few minutes. When all are glued on, let everything dry and air well.

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When the glue is dry, the excess wire mesh is removed. It is best to cut everything roughly away first, then you turn the coaster over, so you can see exactly where the wire is not glued and can be removed. Finally, you can also check where you can remove the wire between the stones to get a “wireless” view. Already finished!

You want to know in which vacation I collected my stones this year? There will be more on that next week!

Instructions for DIY stone coasters

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