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Homemade stamps for the frog blog

Homemade stamps for the frog blog

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For the mums, dads, uncles, aunts, grandmas, grandpas among you and everyone else who likes to spend their time with children, this month I published an idea on the Frosch Blog how big and small can get creative together when the summer weather does not play along again. With self-made stamps you can embellish all kinds of textiles, regardless of whether cotton bag, t-shirt, pillow etc. If you make your own stamp, you have an endless choice of motifs. As an example, I chose rather childish stamps with frog, water lily leaf and letters. For everyone who (still) has no children, I can also imagine creating stamps with geometric motifs in the same way, for example in a triangular shape, or stamping statement slogans. Let your creativity run free!

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