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Upcycling idea: From a cookie jar to a DIY tea box with leather details

Upcycling idea: From a cookie jar to a DIY tea box with leather details

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If you also like to do things yourself or try out upcycling ideas, you will know it: The drawer with material from which you can certainly make something will never be empty. Not only I take care of that because I look at every old thing twice, but also my friends and, especially, my family. You have probably heard this sentence before: “I saved that for you, you can definitely make something out of it!”

So it happened with a pink and silver striped cookie jar that had been at the top of the drawer for some time and was waiting for its second chance. But first I didn’t want to come up with an upcycling idea of ​​what I could do with it, what I actually need. When I finally had to clear all tea packs from the work surface again when I wanted to clean the kitchen, I knew that the tea had to be on the wall. You should know that the walls of our kitchen are very special, they do not like dowel holes and therefore no wall cabinets. What is possible is a nail here and there in the wall. Not more. Since hardly anything can be stored vertically, there is far too much stuff on the work surface.

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Upcycling idea: From a cookie jar to a DIY tea box with leather details

However, the tea should not only be on the wall in some way, but also as attractive as possible. Since I am constantly confronted with super cool, but far too expensive storage options with leather details in my interior magazines, I really wanted to try this out. So it became a dark green, hanging tea box with a suspension and handle made of light natural leather. Such a hanging box is not only suitable for storing tea – it is also great as a medicine cabinet in the bathroom or above the workplace as storage space for pens, scotch tape, stationery etc.

Here is the guide for you:

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure beforehand whether the project would be anything at all or whether it would join the other “nothing-dead” bodies on my hard drive. But actually it wasn’t that difficult!

For the hanging tea box you need an empty tin can with a hinge. The color of the can doesn’t matter since we put it with something Spray paint color easily.

First I have the inside of the can with me white color sprayed. You can of course leave the inside as it is. I liked the contrast between the bright white and the Dark green particularly good.

The outside is colored on the inside. You may want to mask the edges of the interior with some masking tape so that you have a clean color transition. Be sure to apply multiple layers of paint, especially if your can is so heavily patterned like mine. If nothing of the old coloring shows through, it fits! You can use a transparent, matt one, both inside and outside, to fix the color better Fixing spray Instruct.

When all layers of paint have dried well, the handle and suspension are prepared. Putting a hole in a tin can is actually very easy. Slide a block of wood under the spot and then carefully hammer a nail into the sheet.

Then screw a pointed screw with a screw thread into the small hole of the nail (in the best case, special one Self tapping screws). So you enlarge the hole. The screw should have approximately the diameter of the screw that you will later use to fasten the leather strap. However, this should then be a flat screw without screw thread, which is fixed with a nut.

With the holes on the side of the socket for the suspension, it becomes a little difficult to put down a block of wood. Therefore, you should only carefully hammer a small notch into the sheet metal with a hammer and nail and do most of the work with the pointed screw.

Once the holes have been prepared, it comes leather band its turn. We start with the suspension. Cut a sufficiently long piece of tape with scissors.

The easiest way to punch the tape is with one Punch pliers.

Then screw your screw through leather and sheet metal and fix it inside the box with a nut.

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You only need a small piece for the handle leather bandwe’ll take twice.

Punch the tape on both sides at the same distance from the outside edge of the tape.

Then the screw is passed through both holes.

The screw is screwed through the sheet and fixed with a nut. Since my screw was a bit very long, I simply screwed on a second nut with a cover for the thread.

This is what the leather handle looks like.

The box is ready! Now all you have to do is hang them up. Have fun copying!

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