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Upcycling wooden table with chalk paint

Upcycling wooden table with chalk paint

When it comes to upcycling the preparation of old furniture, my head sometimes overflows with plans, what I could do with old chairs, tables, chests of drawers that I encounter. By the mid-20s, unfortunately, you are slowly getting to the age when your grandparents often have to give up their home for health reasons in order to move to a nursing home. Not all of the furniture can still be sold and my family is often amazed at what “junk” I sometimes take home with me because I have an idea in my head how I can get the item back on track. The advantage of old furniture that would otherwise have ended up in the dumpster is that you can’t really go wrong. If the upcycling goes wrong, then at least you tried. But if you try to pry up a valuable old Biedermeider chest of drawers and the beautiful old stucco gets messed up, the loss is a little bigger …

Old pieces of furniture can be used to conjure up beautiful pieces with vintage flair, which can still be dusty but modern. I also had this opinion of the small wooden table that only once in a while, if an additional table was needed, was it sometimes taken out of the basement, because it is simply nothing special. In addition, the surface was already drawn with unsightly stains in some places. A case for scissors glue paper!

I once had a phase in which I always loved working with colors to upgrade old things. It always looked really cool afterwards, only when you have to combine lots of differently colored pieces … difficult. Since I also get a lot of different wood tones from a lot of different old furniture, I try to visually calm this whole mix by combining it with white and at most 2 other harmonious colors. That’s why I chose white as the color accent for my wooden table upcycling. But if it fits in your home, you can also use bright colors for the same technique.

Step by step tutorial

The most important ingredients for prettying up are: a grinder, chalk paint, wood varnish, brush and masking tape.

If you do not have a grinding machine, you can also borrow it from the hardware store (or from friends who are active in the trade). The Chalk Paint was kindly provided by Viva Decor. You can get the chalk paint in almost every craft store.

The hidden beauty of a piece of wood furniture can be brought out again with the help of a grinding machine. Whether discolored by sunlight or by a glaze, your piece gets its natural color again by grinding. However, if it was painted, you should use a paint router to remove the old paint.

By sanding old damage in the wood can also be compensated. After sanding, remove any dust from the piece of furniture with a damp cloth before continuing.

Now it’s the turn of the Ckalk Paint! The great thing about the chalk color is that it creates a beautiful, super matt surface that is also a bit vintage. For a full load of vintage, you usually grind the piece of furniture in a few places after painting. But since my table should be a bit more timeless and you can still see the old age despite the sanding, I decided against the artificial used look.

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Since Chalk Paint is unfortunately not that cheap, I cheated a bit. In order for white paint to cover darker surfaces, you usually need a few layers. That’s why I first used three layers of ordinary white lacquer and only then applied two layers of chalk paint. But remember to let the individual layers dry sufficiently in between.

Just painting the top of the table was not enough for me. So I taped all the legs at the same height with masking tape and also brushed them on – so that it looks as if they had been dipped in paint.

Remove the adhesive tape and the table is ready. What do you think, did the transformation succeed?

Here you can find more furniture upcycling projects of mine!

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